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Tre Fiamme (Three Flames) = Three fireplaces and Three partners, a name we chose for the three flames that warm up the restaurant and the three hearts that bring you warm hospitality.
Here at Tre Fiamme, we serve regional gastronomy at its finest, with the simple and flavorful taste that only a true Italian can create.
As the successor of a 31-year establishment, we intend to take the reins by serving the community diverse deliciousness and an experience the whole family will enjoy.

Hours of Operation

*hours subject to change

TUESDAY- Lunch 11:30pm to 3pm Dinner 3pm to 9pm
WEDNESDAY – Lunch 11:30pm to 3pm Dinner 3pm to 9pm
THURSDAY – Lunch 11:30pm to 3pm Dinner 3pm to 9pm
FRIDAY – Lunch 11:30pm to 3pm Dinner 3pm to 9pm
SATURDAY – Lunch 11:30pm to 3pm Dinner 3pm to 9pm
SUNDAY- LUNCH 11:30 to 5pm – Dinner CLOSED

Banquet Room and Catering available


Donato Ricci

Chef Donato Ricci was born and raised in Catania, Italy, where food and hospitality became embedded in him at a young age. Ricci’s father owned a restaurant and bar where Donato would spend many days/nights helping the family business after school. He would spend his summer vacations traveling to their family restaurants and bakeries, from Florence to Germany, learning the trade. By age 17, Ricci had taken over the family catering and staffing company that maintained a high renowned hospitality track record for venues in the city, while also supplying jobs in the area. His passion for the field kept growing, which prompted his decision to turn it into a career, and sparked his enrollment into the hospitality management school. Now, 20 years later, after gaining proficiency in front of the house, from the ground up, consulting and managing some high profile restaurants in Los Angeles, Donato is taking on the challenge to go back to his passion: the food. In the kitchen, Donato had several internships, from Italy to Germany, affording him the chance to apply what he has learned throughout the years. Chef Ricci’s cuisine is a strong regional representation of what the rich island of Sicily brings to the table, an Italian culinary heritage applied to what the Golden state has to offer.

Giuseppe Ricci

Born and raised in Catania, Italy, Giuseppe Ricci discovered his passion for the restaurant industry at the age of 15. After graduating high school, he decided to go into the sector of hotel dining and bar staff management. Giuseppe started working at his cousin’s small pub in Catania. At the age of 19 he was already running his uncle’s cocktail bar and restaurant. He moved to America at the age of 25 with the idea of changing careers into law enforcement. However, that dream was short lived, as the restaurant business beckoned him back, and he began work as a server at a Japanese restaurant in the small town of Buellton, CA. A few years later, he moved to Santa Barbara, where he worked as a general manager at two of the most famous landmark restaurants in town: Arnoldi’s Cafe and Joe’s Cafe. After 10 years, Giuseppe still wished to take his career to new heights, and his next big venture took him to New York City. After moving to NY, Giuseppe was involved in opening and managing some of the most reputable restaurants, such as Provini, Bevacco, Binc, Ogliastro and Via Vai, working side by side with celebrity and Michelin Star chefs alike. Giuseppe’s history, passion, and love for the business of hospitality has led him to this next great experience and the new adventures to come.

Matthew Guglielmo

Matthew grew up in Brooklyn, NY after coming from Italy in the sixties. The English language and American mannerisms quickly followed. Because his family struggled after his dad passed, he grew to desire more.  Matthew studied Marine engineering at Ft. Skyler in Bronx, NY and worked two jobs. Soon he found interest in computers and a home on Wall Street. After twenty years in a successful and lucrative career Matthew found himself on his next endeavor; working in Industrial Real Estate. He often reminisces about his first job as a youngster working for a baker. It was there he was shown the nuances of quality bread and pastries. Then it was at a butcher, where he became familiar with various qualities and cuts of meat. Matthew worked at a Deli, the largest in Brooklyn, there he was introduced to fish and the salad world.  Those were the junior years!  However, this early familiarity with good food created a solid foundation. Along came coffee! Becoming a coffee “buff”, he abandoned the corner coffee carts for Anthony’s coffee. Eventually he wanted food that gratified him; this being fresh, well prepared and of a good quality. Committed to consistent growth and knowledge, Matthew even took a night job at a large wine store to immerse himself in the culture of wine knowledge. When Giuseppe floated the idea of a restaurant, Matthew was thrilled. And now… here we are!


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Take Out and Delivery AVAILABLE!